On October 5, 2010, Youtube user Ardaba1 created his account.

He didn't really make any videos in years until September 22, 2012.

His first videos were animation tests showcasing only the most powerful and secret technique's.

However, in 2012 he released a video titled "Auditions for my object show", this hinted that an object show will be created by the man himself, Ardaba1.

He promised it would be released on June 22, 2013.

The quality of the video was quite well, but how you feel about it is up to you.

However, after all this occured, this is when the real thing started to happen.

His rather uninspired BFDI code blew up, and over the course of almost 4 years, he gained over 718,000 views.

However, he seems too, after he released this, he disappeared. His only activity after this video on his channel, he had a preview for the "2nd Episode" of Mystique Island. Which do to it being unlisted was heavily under viewed and obscure, it's currently sitting after 4 years at 4 something views.

There have been many rumors of what happened to Ardaba1 after his intimate disappearence, such as him dying or being injured in a car crash. Though I can say with a happy face is that "None of the rumors are true.".

His last post on DeviantART was almost 4 years ago. and it says inside of it, was a complain about his computer suffering from a weird virus, he mentions backing up all of his files and apologizing for how long it's been since the "Last Episode" of Mystique Island.

Now with all this evidence, you could come to the conclusion that he just didn't feel like making the show anymore due to his computer issues and that's responsible for his inactivity.

However, some new content contradicting evidence has been spotted, and it's eerie.User J-Man2015 on DeviantART says "Please continue Mystique Island, I'm begging you.". To which Ardaba1 replied " I will, it just takes forever to do it, I'm a slow animator and exporting any animation files, and Anime Studio takes forever, I don't intend to cancel Mystique Island at all though, I'm just very busy for the next few weeks.".

This suggests that he had planned on continuing the series, however eerily enough, that was his last recorded post under the nickname Ardaba1, No other traces of him are available online.

It can be said that he probably lost inspiration to make his show, though you gotta admit it's pretty weird that after receiving over 700,000 views on a show, he just abandoned the internet entirely, so what happened to Ardaba1? We may never know, but I'd love to know.