Banana Standing
“No way!”

– Banana, Various Episodes

Banana, labeled Lucky Team Captain is a male contestant on Mystique Island who was placed on team Red.


Banana is one of the more sane characters in this show. Although he manages his team, he treats other people equally. He claims that he has a lot of luck floating around him, so he tends to use that as a sign of selfesteem to accomplish something that intimidates him.

Oddly enough, he is Crayon's brother. That said, he is very protective towards his sister and doesn't want anyone to hurt her.


Gender Male
Team Red
Episode eliminated --
Rank --
Allies Blueberry, Crayon, Candy Corn, Girder, Lexicon, Lightning, Nacho

Acorn, Bush, Hula Hoop, Violet

Color Yellow
Voiced by Ardaba1


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  • He is the tallest competitor on the show.
  • He shares a friendly rivalry with Nacho.