Girder Standing
Voiced by Ardaba1
Gender Male
Species Girder
Team Blue
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Lightning, Speaker, Surround, Nacho
Enemies Blueberry, Boom Box Candy Corn, Toadstool, Violet, Lip Gloss, Glasses
Color Brown

Girder, labeled The Macho Bully is a male contestant on Mystique Island who was placed on team Blue.


Everyone knows what a stereotypical bully is; usually physically strong, but mentally weak. Girder has all these traits, but he is quite short tempered as well. He likes pushing and kicking other people, just like any other standard bully in any object show. He also likes to narcissistically flex his muscles in front of everyone. However, he is not entirely mean-spirited. He can be quite apologetic when he gets aware of his anger. He treats people he thinks are cool nicely. 


One Dull Island

Girder is the fourth contestant to arrive on Dull Island. He makes his first impression by kicking Candy Corn, interrupting her introduction. He quickly frightens Glasses and Boom Box as well, and Boom Box asks him why he did that. Girder replies by threatening to do the same with them, hitting Mick as he passes him.

When Nacho suggests to play soccer as pastime, he gets eager to play very quickly. Accidentally, he hits Violet with the ball during the play.

During the challenge, he gets annoyed by how Blueberry hesitates to jump from Dull Island, so he kicks him into the water instead. When Girder jumps himself, he sinks, and walks in the bottom all the way. Girder is the second member on team Blue to finish, and hits Nacho in the back as a greeting for winning an immunity ticket.

Before the elimination Girder agrees with Lightning about eliminating Blueberry or Candy Corn. He is then declared safe from elimination with zero votes, and recieves a scary smiley face.


  • Girder has hit the most contestants so far with Blueberry, Boom Box (non-canon), Candy Corn, Nacho and has even hit the host, Microphone.