Lip Gloss Standing

'Lip Gloss, labeled The Blonde with Amnesia is a female contestant on Mystique Island who was placed on team Red.


Lip Gloss can't seem to realise what object she actually is, a lipstick. She acts like the stereotypical blond who seem to be interested in chatting, makeover and her beauty in general. She is usually seen as a trophy by Blueberry and Lightning as they are both interested in her. Also, she doesn't know how to do certain practical stuff, like swimming or cooking.


Gender Female
Team Red
Episode eliminated --
Rank --
Friends Everyone 
Enemies None
Color Red, grey
Voiced by Ardaba1 (Episode 1)


Coming soon!


  • She might resemble Elie from Rave Master as they are both girls who suffers from Amnesia, and they are both very optimistic persons.